Mimics lurk around every edge as the storyteller revels in misfit glee...

Hello new friends, and welcome to MimicsNMisfits! We are a neurodivergent and queer led TTRPG production and video game streaming group, focused on storytelling and shared adventures! 

Our site is currently undergoing some changes, so expect to see some great stuff here soon. 

Death's Lost

When violence doesn't stop
enemies, what will?

A “what-if ” game, based on the idea that there are no consequences to combat. Falling below 0 HP while playing this game will have minimal impact, as the heroes can strive on. Designed for Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Pathfinder 2e.

SRS Polaris

How do you face down the horrors
of the depths of space?

A Starfinder adventure guiding you through arrival at a space station and all of the horrors that wait within. Life support is on the fritz, enemies could lurk around any corner...or even from within.

All In For Estea

An alert goes out unintentionally,
can you beat rival crews to the prize?

“Attention DRoP Command. Mineral deposit uncovered. Large quantities of abysium. Request containment, support, and med techs on Estea for treatment"... the signal cuts to "KILL THE SIGNAL, YOU’RE ON PUBLIC YOU IDIOT!” But, you heard it, loud and clear.